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Voodoo Uncle Tupelo & Wilco - 8/30/23 ~ Broadway Oyster Bar - St. Louis, MO

Set 1: Screen Door, No Depression, Still Be Around, The Long Cut, Whiskey Bottle, We’ve Been Had, Moonshiner, Gun, Grindstone*, Sauget Wind > Acuff-Rose, Graveyard Shift, I Got Drunk, New Madrid

Set 2: Shot In The Arm > Whole Love, War On War, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, Theologians, Handshake Drugs > Heavy Metal Drummer, Impossible Germany, Jesus, Etc. > Spiders (Kidsmoke) > Red Eyed & Blue > I Got You

E: Misunderstood > Casino Queen

Voodoo Players:

Sean Canan - guitar

Neil Salsich - guitar

Jim Peters - guitar

John Hussung - bass

Andrew Weir - keys

Jonathan Taylor - drums

* w/Steve Leftridge - vocals

Bobby Scharff - lighting

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