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Voodoo Tenacious D - 3/22/23 ~ Broadway Oyster Bar - St. Louis, MO

Kielbasa Sausage, History, Cosmic Shame, Friendship, Lee, Karate, Dude I Totally Miss You, Seanr Quits Skit, Kyle Quit the Band, More Than Words, Explosivo, Death of a Dream skit, Sasquatch > Jesus Ranch, The Road, Kickapoo, Wonder Boy, Rock Your Socks Off > Tribute

E: Crazy Little Thing Called Love > Fuck Her Gently > Double Team

Voodoo Players for 3/22/23:

Brother Francis - Jack Black

Sean Canan - Kyle Gass

Cody Henry - Satan on euphonium

Adam Hucke - Sasquatch on drums

Bobby Scharff - lighting

(Notes: opening set was Sophisticated Babies performing They Might Be Giants / Weird Al)

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