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Voodoo Players - 8/11/21 ~ Broadway Oyster Bar - STL, MO

Set 1: Chank (Scofield) > Baby Hold On (LOS), Cabbage Alley (Meters) > Corrina (Taj) > El Paso (GD), Fireflies (Mofro) > Pleasin You (Anders), Tell Me Something Good (Rufus) > My Soul (Phish)

Set 2: This Ole Cowboy (MTB) > Let's Get it On (Marvin), Last Train (Toussaint), Voodoo (Neville Bros), You Can't Judge a Book (Bo Diddley) > Luckiest Man (Wood Bros), Twist Around (Phish) > 2001 (Phish) > Get Down Tonight (KC & SB)

E: Ophelia (The Band)

Voodoo Players for 8/11/21:

Sean Canan - Guitar

Spanky Manaois - Keys

Andy Coco - Bass

Mike Murano - Drums

Sean Anglin - Perc

Bobby Scharff - Lights

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