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Voodoo Meters - 4/27/22 Broadway Oyster Bar - St. Louis, MO

Set 1: Here Come the Meter Men > Cardova > Cissy Strut, Do the Dirt, Mardi Gras Mambo, Can You Do Without, Pungee, Cabbage Alley > Hand Clapping Song > Cabbage Alley, Love is For Me, No More Okie Doke, It Ain’t No Use Set 2: Ease Back, Love Slip Upon Ya, Hey Pockey Way > Just Kissed My Baby, Such a Night, Right Place Wrong Time, Soul Island, Jungle Man, They All Ask’d for You, My Name up in Lights, Fire on the Bayou E: Look-Ka Py Py Voodoo Players for 4/27/22: Sean Canan - Guitar Nate Hershey - Keys Andy Coco - Bass Mike Murano - Drums Adam Hucke - Trumpet Charlie Cerpa - Saxophones Bobby Scharff - Lighting

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