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Voodoo Meters - 1/27/23 ~ 4 Hands Brewing Company - St. Louis, MO

Set 1: Here Come The Meter Men > Cardova > Cissy Strut, Mardi Gras Mambo, Just Kissed My Baby, Do The Dirt, Cabbage Alley > Hand Clapping Song > Cabbage Alley, Love Is For Me, It Ain't No Use, Look A Py Py

Set 2: Ease Back, Love The One You're With, Soul Island, Can You Do Without, Jungle Man, They All Ask’d For You, No More Okie Doke, Iko Iko, Hey Pocky Way, My Name Up In Lights, Love Slip Upon Ya, Fiyo On The Bayou

E: Such A Night

Voodoo Players for 1/27/23:

Sean Canan - guitar Nate Hershey - keys

Charlie Cerpa - sax

Andy Coco - bass

Mike Murano - drums

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