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Voodoo Led Zeppelin - 12/20/23 ~ Broadway Oyster Bar - St. Louis, MO

Set 1: Good Times Bad Times, D’yer Maker, Thank You, Ramble On*, Fool In The Rain*, Hey Hey What Can I Do*, What Is And What Should Never Be*, Immigrant Song^, Dazed & Confused^, Over The Hills And Far Away*, No Quarter*

Set 2: Black Dog^, Rock & Roll#, Battle of Evermore*^, Stairway To Heaven*, Misty Mountain Hop#, Four Sticks* > Drums, Going To California^ > When The Levee Breaks%, All My Love, Kashmir# > Whole Lotta Love#

E: Your Time Is Gonna Come* > Bring It On Home*%

Voodoo Players for 12/20/23:

Sean Canan - guitar

Eric Lysaght - guitar

John Hussung - bass

Spanky Manaois - keys

Tony Barbata - drums

Sean Anglin - percussion

* = Neil Salsich - vocals

^ = Emily Wallace - vocals

# = Dave Farver - vocals

% = Phil Wright - harmonica

Bobby Scharff - lighting

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