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Voodoo Grunge - 10/26/22 ~ Broadway Oyster Bar - St. Louis, MO

Set 1: Rooster, No Excuses, Heart Shaped Box, All Apologies, In Bloom, No Rain, Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town, Daughter > Yellow Ledbetter , Nearly Lost You, Backwater, Black Hole Sun*, Spooonman

Set 2: Smells Like Teen Spirit, Lithium, Big Me, Everlong, Learn to Fly, Plush, Interstate Love Song, Cherub Rock, Alive, Even Flow > Better Man

E: Creep

Voodoo Players for 10/26/22:

Sean Canan - Guitar

Brian Fritz - Vocals

Kevin Gagnapain - Bass

Jim Peters - Guitar

Tony Barbata - Drums

*Adam Hucke - Vocals

Bobby Scharff - Lighting

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